Finshed Project: Range shawl

I recently finished Andrea Mowry’s Range shawl. I have knitted a few patterns of Andrea’s  and really dig her cozy and trendy style. Uncharacteristically, I went with similar color choices to the pattern. I have never been drawn to browns and natural colors before but I have knit more than one shawl now in natural colors. (Beeton Shawl.)

Closeup of Ombre Tweed
Closeup of variety of stitch patterns and my new love, brioche.

This pattern is a lot of fun to knit. This was my first attempt at brioche stitch and there’s lots of color changes and textures. This wasn’t my first attempt at brioche stitch, but it took a little while to get in the swing of things. I used Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in four different shades. I wore this shawl as a scarf to Wegman’s one Sunday to grocery shop and was waiting in line to order coffee. A young woman working stopped in her tracks and was like “oh my god, your scarf is beautiful! Did you make it? Did it take a long time? You should sell those on Etsy!”

I like the finished size of my shawl since it makes a nice size for me to wear around my neck which is the way that I would chose to wear it most frequently. I think it’s a touch too small for me to wear around my shoulders, but I’m not too upset about that. The only thing that I wish I changed was the second shade of dark brown. I feel like the colors are different enough, but not radically so and I think a bigger contrast level would have highlighted the pattern more. Just another excuse to knit another! After this pattern, I definitely think that I want to experiment a little more with brioche stitch. Good thing Andrea has a lot more patterns for it!


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