Baking For Two’s Cinnamon Rolls 

I recently purchased Baking For Two through Bookbub, a weekly email that sends a list of discounted ebooks that I may be interested in. I have always loved baking, but now that I just live my boyfriend, Cody, a whole batch of baked goods is not a good thing to have on hand. 

Since I’ve bought Baking For Two, I’ve already cooked three different recipes-chocolate chip cookies, herb and cheese savory scones, and these beauties: basic dough Cinnamon Rolls. I followed the recipe as is and they turned out great. I probably left them in the oven just a little too long. If I were to make them again, I might change the frosting-a little on the sweet side and Cody isn’t a fan of cream cheese. The recipe just makes four cinnamon rolls, which was a perfect size for us. The filling also utilizes brown sugar, which I thought was a nice addition.


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